Madár hemoparasites

Csuszka (madár)

Csuszka (madár)

A baglyok háziállatként tartása: Igen, ez törvényes Hogyan élnek a vérparaziták madár hemoparasites kis szigeti madárpopulációkban Photo: Comparative Physiology — BIO The status signalling hypothesis aims to explain within-species variation in ornamentation by suggesting that some ornaments signal dominance status. Here, we use multilevel meta-analytic models to challenge the textbook example of this hypothesis, the black bib of house sparrows Passer domesticus.

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We conducted a systematic review, and obtained primary data from published and unpublished studies to test whether dominance rank is positively associated madár hemoparasites bib size across studies. Hogyan élnek a vérparaziták a kis szigeti madárpopulációkban Hogyan lehet eltávolítani a parazitákat fórum Contrary to previous studies, the overall effect size i. Furthermore, we found several biases in the literature that further question the support available for the status madár hemoparasites hypothesis.

A baglyok háziállatként tartása: Igen, ez törvényes Madár hemoparasites discuss several explanations including pleiotropic, population- and context-dependent effects.

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Our findings call for reconsidering this established madár hemoparasites example in evolutionary and behavioural ecology, and should stimulate renewed interest in understanding within-species variation in ornamental traits.

Sex-biased breeding dispersal is predicted by social environment in birds Végvári, Z. Ecology and Evolution Here, we investigate sex differences in both natal and breeding dispersal distances using a large dataset on birds including 86 species from 41 families.

These results may indicate that madár hemoparasites rare sex has a stronger tendency to disperse in order to find new mating opportunities.

madár hemoparasites

Alternatively, higher mortality madár hemoparasites the more dispersive sex could account for biased ASRs, although our results do not give a strong support to this explanation. Csuszka madár Since the direction of causality is not yet known, we call for future studies to identify the causal relationships linking mortality, dispersal, and ASR.

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Pogány, Á. Behaviour, DOI: Sexual selection, especially assortative mating has been suggested as a possible mechanism contributing to the maintenance of different personality types within populations but little is known about non-random pair-formation with respect to personality traits in madár hemoparasites choice tests.

We here tested whether female mating preferences were non-random with respect to male and female neophobia madár hemoparasites zebra finches Taeniopygia guttataan important avian model of mate choice and animal personality research.

Females associated madár hemoparasites with males with neophobia scores similar to their own.

Hogyan élnek a vérparaziták a kis szigeti madárpopulációkban

These results provide evidence that mating preferences and personality traits can covary, supporting madár hemoparasites scenarios of assortative mating contributing to the maintenance of personality traits. Journal of Field Ornithology, 89 2 Plasticine caterpillar Photo: Csenge Sinkovics In this paper we examined the accuracy and repeatability of estimates of the size of food items from video recordings.

To test the accuracy of measurements of prey size we molded artificial plasticine caterpillars and compared their size and volume as determined using measurements of length and width on screenshots of video recordings to their actual size and volume.

We found that observers were able to accurately measure prey size and determine volume, with high agreement between the actual size and volume of plasticine caterpillars and the size and volume as determined from measurements made on screenshots from video madár hemoparasites. Overall, our results suggest that the size of prey items delivered to nestlings by adults in video madár hemoparasites can be accurately measured and those measurements, in turn, can be used to accurately determine the volume of those insect prey.

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We use data madár hemoparasites two urban and two forest sites in Hungary, collected over four consecutive years. Despite a trend of earlier leaf emergence in urban sites there is no evidence for an earlier peak in caterpillar abundance.

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Thus the earlier breeding of urban bird populations is not associated with an earlier peak in caterpillar availability. We also found striking differences in the seasonal dynamics of caterpillar biomass between habitat types with a single madár hemoparasites peak madár hemoparasites forests, and several much smaller peaks in urban areas.

Csuszka (madár)

Caterpillar biomass was 8. This higher biomass was not associated with taller trees in forest sites, or with tree species identity, and occurred despite most of our focal trees being native to the region. Urban great tits laid smaller clutches, experienced more frequent nestling mortality from starvation, reared fewer offspring to fledging age, and férges széklet fledglings had lower body mass.

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Van egy bagoly, mint háziállat? Our madár hemoparasites strongly indicates that food limitation is responsible for lower avian reproductive success in cities, which is driven by reduced availability of the preferred nestling diet, i.

Magyar állatorvosok lapja, Photo: Krisztián Szabó Defining the sex of individual birds can be crucial for scientific studies and captive breeding, as well.

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However, many bird species and almost all nestling can only be sexed via molecular methods. The aim of this research was to test four frequently used universal bird sexing markers in 13 Neognathae bird orders and in different sample types.

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Our results confirm the universality of these primer pairs in most avian orders, but their application needs some consideration. Hornok, S.

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We founded the first molecular evidence for the occurrence férgektől gyermekek számára Haematospirillum jordaniae in the blood of any vertebrate madár hemoparasites than human.

Another bird blood madár hemoparasites yielded a Wolbachia sequence, closely related to a moth endosymbiont.

madár hemoparasites

This is the first finding of insect Wolbachia DNA in the circulatory system of birds, which can be explained either by the inoculation of wolbachiae by blood-sucking vectors, or passing of Wolbachia DNA from the gut into the blood a legjobb gyógyszer férgek kezelésére this insectivorous bird species. Bókony V. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,Photo: Bálint Üveges Sex reversals whereby individuals of one sex develop madár hemoparasites phenotype of the opposite sex occur in amphibians, reptiles and fish.

Warming of global climate predicts that such madár hemoparasites reversals are becoming more common.

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